Import Content Inconsistently Importing from Archives?

I have all of my files in individual archives (,, etc.) and recently tried scanning my directories to automatically generate playlists. For the most part this worked the same as if the games were just loose files, but a few playlists just didn’t generate at all.

For the affected playlist categories (NEC - PC Engine CD - TurboGrafx-CD and Sony - PlayStation Portable (PSN) are the ones I’ve noticed so far), I tried pulling files from their archives and scanning them that way and they did scan in correctly then.

I thought maybe it was because these were both categories with optical media filetypes and maybe this doesn’t work for those, but it did work for other categories like this (Sony - PlayStation for example).

Are there certain cores that are maybe just incompatible with this or is something going wrong?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure I know how to respond to your question but my general suggestion is to convert disk-based games to chd format, doing so you will end up with a compressed and single file that can easily be handled by retroarch without any need to zip/extract…

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now. But I am still curious about why this was happening. Could be a bug maybe?

Actually, weirdly enough it looks like PS2 CHDs don’t scan in where archived PS2 ISOs do. Same with PSP CSOs.

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No error, everything is fine.

The playlists are updated automatically based on dats from different projects, for example redump. And those lists are in ‘cue+bin’ format.

The chd files are relatively new, it requires an additional process (which I don’t know) this is being implemented but systems are still missing.

If the system is not yet upgraded to chd, you can use the ‘Manual Scanner’, it works very well.

PSX games and almost all CD/DVD games are read in cue (or chd) format, not in zip, to make the lists they are either in cue or in chd.

I meant an error regarding the original topic, not the CHDs.

I have redump validated bin+cues for TurboGrafx-CD for example. If the bin+cues are zipped they do not scan, but if they are unzipped they scan just fine.

PSX on the other hand (also redump validated) scans fine whether the bin+cues are zipped or not.

I know I can use manual scan or even just load the files myself and not bother with playlists at all. I was just wondering why the inconsistency, yakno? I guess the automatic scan is still just that dodgy?

I don’t think I made myself clear.

There are CD cores that do not load the zip format. There is no point in generating zip lists for PSX because they don’t run. Read the documentation for each core.

Normally the CUE+BIN images are scanned unzipped.

As I told you before. The playlist are created automatically based on the dats. If the list is not scanned, it is not available. It is not a bug.

Oh gotcha. Yeah, I misunderstood, my bad. Didn’t know they wouldn’t even run like that.

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