Imported .srm and .state failing


Hey everyone!

First off, i apologize if I posted this in the wrong category. Ive had a Raspberry Pi 3 that ive installed RetroPie on for the better part of a year now, and im still getting used to the interface as ive only really used various emulators on PC amd Mac. And even then, i havent gone too in depth with them, but have managed to navigate them enough to know how to do the basics.

So i have an issue and havent been able to find anything using my Google Fu and hope i can get some input and hopefully some insight on how and why my issue is happening and how to resolve it.

So ive been playing Final Fantasy 7 (PSX) in .pbp format after years of using .bin/.cue format. I came across an issue using the .pbp format where the game would struggle to load then ultimately crash. So i got the idea to export the .srm and .state files, rename them to the “disc” for the .bin/.cue version to get around it then once I did, rename the files back so they would be compatible with the .pbp format and hoped it would work. To give an overview of my process:

  1. export .srm/.state (.pbp format) to USB
  2. rename files via PC (to be compatible with .bin version)
  3. import via USB and File Manager
  4. run .bin version and save past the part of the game that crashes
  5. export the .srm/.state
  6. rename files to be compatible with .pbp
  7. import

Now the issue im running into (after successfully getting up to Step 4) is that after I load the .srm/.state in game (.bin format) and try to overwrite it, it immediately becomes inaccessible. If I go to the File Manager, the Size for both .srm/.state files now read as Zero.

I realize all of this is probably a huge waste of time when i can just look for another version of the .pbp, if im lucky enough to find one. I figured this would be a good topic for anyone else having a similar issue.

But any assistance would be greatly appreciated!