In-game saves not working

I’m having some difficulty figuring out how to allow in-game saves on my SNES games. I attempted enabling Settings > Saving > SaveRAM Autosave Interval but it didn’t change anything. I’ve been using Donkey Kong Country as my test game, but when I exit out and back in - the save slot I was using is always gone and I have to start from scratch.

I also attempted using Auto Save State however it merely snapshot the entire game at a point in time, not actually utilizing in-game saves.

Is there a trick to making this work? Any help would be appreciated!!!

Despite the setting, some cores don’t use libretro save interface and therefore for those specific cores this settings make no difference. For instance, for GBA emulation, gpSP and Beetle GBA do not follow this setting and only write RAM to disk when gracefully closing emulation (option “Close Content”), while mGBA, VBA Next and VBA-M work correctly.