Individual custom palette for different NES games

Hi! I want the palette to automatically change when different games are launched.

I have different custom palettes for Castlevania and some other games. I am using the NES Mesen core.

Every time I run different games, I manually replace the palette in the system folder. Is it possible to link rom and palette using the same names or something?

No, but you might be able to set a different ‘system’ directory on a per-game basis via overrides and put your different palettes inside.

@hunterk, I can’t figure out how to do it. Can you explain it step by step, please?

Make a directory named something informative, like contra_palette, and put your custom palette for Contra inside of it. Then, load a game, go to settings > directory and change the system directory to point to that location. Then, go to quick menu > overrides > save game override. If it works (and I don’t know if it will), from then on, whenever you load that core+game, it should show your custom palette.

@hunterk, It worked! I was even able to run the same game with different palettes when I made a copy of the rom. So convenient!!! Thank you so much!

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