Input overlays issues- Blackberry


I installed the blackberry verion of retroarch via sachesi (side loading app)

I see that it installed correctly and i can easily see the RetroArch show up on my blackberry z10. When I click it it loads and I put in core selection = nes/famicon and the rom = punchout.nes or any other. (note: the roms work great off laptop or other devices)

The game loads and everything looks good but the overlay is messed up. So i can only see start / select, L,R and V. The game is played in half 2/3rds of the blackberry screen and there is no A,B, direction pad.

This is a corp blackberry and I bet it has to do with application-specific cache directory as you stated in 7.3 in the retroarch-blackberry-playbook-0.9.9. However there was no fix that i could find in the doc.

Please help as Mr Dream needs a good Left right.

thanks adamwest (aka batman.)

Sorry for the late reply. You can try reducing the overlay scale, which should make it shrink down and hopefully fit your screen. Other than that, you might have to hold off for version 1.1, which is coming in the relatively near future.