Input Problem - Gamepad #1 Controls All Players

I have an issue I can’t seem to crack. I’m playing Mortal Kombat II on MAME 2003-Plus, and my controller not only makes Player 2 enter the game, it also controls both characters simultaneously. I’m sure it’s a simple fix, but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve tried deleting config files, but nothing changes. On a sidenote, Tab doesn’t open the MAME menu, either.

You can turn on the MAME menu by going to the core options and toggling the corresponding setting.

Thanks, but I couldn’t find any input setting there. Turns out I was barking up the wrong tree, anyway. I loaded up Contra on the NES and started a 2-player game. Sure enough, my single gamepad was controlling both characters, simulaneously. It appears I must have screwed up my main cfg file sometime back.

I could use some help to make sure I don’t complicate things. I noticed this under retroarch.cfg. Could this be my problem?

input_device_p1 = “0” input_device_p10 = “0” input_device_p11 = “0” input_device_p12 = “0” input_device_p13 = “0” input_device_p14 = “0” input_device_p15 = “0” input_device_p16 = “0” input_device_p2 = “0” input_device_p3 = “0” input_device_p4 = “0” input_device_p5 = “0” input_device_p6 = “0” input_device_p7 = “0” input_device_p8 = “0” input_device_p9 = “0”

What if I just downloaded the latest version of Retroarch and replaced the entire autoconfig folder?

Autoconfig directory isn’t going to do it, but you could just delete all of the input_device_p* lines to see if that helps.

@hunterk, I tried this today and it didn’t work. I went back and looked at retroarch.cfg file afterwards, and it repopulated everything with “1”. Then I loaded the Genesis Plus GX core, looked at the input settings and noticed something unusual. User 1 and 2 were set to “Joypad Auto”, while Joypads 3 and 4 were set to retropad. However, retropad was not an available option for 1 and 2. Do you have any idea what could be going on here? Thanks

This is normal for the Genesis Plus GX core and is not related to your issue.

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your lucky if your has set to Auto. ive always got it to load with that 3D controller type thing even on a clean config sometime ago. dunno if its fixed now (havent played any megadrive games lately)

It’s set to Auto by default in the most recent stable Lakka, whatever commit that is.

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@radio5 mine always starts with that 3D controller thing last time u used that core.

Alright, so what if I wanted to start completely fresh with inputs? What would I need to delete or overwrite?

I’m sorry to report that I still haven’t figured this out. Altered Beast, Contra, Mortal Kombat II… My xbox one controller controls both players simulataneously. I’ve tried replacing the autoconfig file, deleting all of the input_device_p* lines in the retroarch.cfg, but nothing has changed. I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with this.


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I’m also looking for an anser to this, it doesn’t seem like it’s a common problem but it’s super annoying.

It’s been awhile, but I think I simply deleted retroarch.cfg, and it automatically generated a new one, and it just worked. Give it a shot and let me know.

That did it, thanks. Not sure what was wrong but it’s fixed.

Glad to hear it! Yeah, I’m not sure how I messed mine up, but it’s a simple enough fix.