Insert optional core in windows

I tried to insert an optional core, fbalpha2012, but when I try to install ipa with altstore it give me an error, how can I have an ipa with this core already inserted? I have not mac, I use win10 best regard! Jeosh

I hear that altstore doesn’t like the IPA to be greater than a certain size, so maybe try removing some other cores to make room.

The fbalpha2012 core is already included in the current iOS IPAs (there are actually 4 versions included). You don’t need to add it.

hunterk, yen I know this problem, and I already removed some cores, but I think is a permission probelm. trotsky40, in the ipa file I downloaded in, there is not this core! best regards Jeosh

It is included in the IPA provided directly from RetroArch.

yes now it goes :wink: thank you Jeosh