Install Project Eris for NTFS Support?

I’m using Retroboot 1.1 / Retroarch 1.8.5 on a Playstation Classic with a 512gb USB 3.1 (FAT32) flash drive. For any number of reasons (FAT32 format, high capacity, old version of Retroarch), Retroarch crashes alot, almost exclusively when loading mp4 and image files. And when it crashes (flashing red light), the consequences are often disastrous. Usually it just reboots. But many times the file system will be read-only, in which games can’t be saved, playilsts entries cannot be deleted, etc. When this happens, I have to have a Windows machine repair the filesystem (prompts on insert).

I heard Project Eris modifies the kernel of the PSC to allow NTFS & EXFAT support. I’ve been hesitant to do any actual software modifications, but could this help the crashes? They’re more robust filesystems and all. Of course I’m also worried ab out losing the ability to have a 512gb flash drive - Every guide I’ve read said 32gb was the cap. Please advise. Thanks.