Installing mods for games?

Is it possible to install mods for games in RetroArch, and how can they be loaded in and work the same way as native emulators?

I’m trying to install a Nintendo 3DS Mod file for Ocarina of Time 3DS for a randomizer, and I can’t seem to figure out or get it to work like it would on regular Citra Emu. On Citra you would normally be able to right-click on a game from the menu and select Open Mod Folder, and drop your mods into that, but I can’t seem to find the equivalent of that in RetroArch which should also have the same directory structure in the form of /load/mods/<GAME_ID> with the *.bin file and *.ips file.

I don’t even know if I should create directory within /system/ directory or within the same directory as Citra Core and settings are found. No matter what I’ve tried, it doesn’t seem to work the same.

citra-libretro doesn’t have any way to do that, but you can install the mod on the standalone version and then copy over the folder structure from it into the folder structure that’s created by the libretro core (in ‘saves’).

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