Instruction to setup TyrQuake core for Wii?

Good day, LibRetro community.

I’m just dropping by to ask for instructions as to how to setup TyrQuake for the Wii properly. I want to replay the game using the CCP using RetroArch’s core for it.

What do I need to set it up properly? I am using 1.3.6, and for what I saw in the release news, that release added lighting to the maps, are those included for the Wii version too? Also (and last question), does TyrQuake for Wii support music playback? I have the OGG files, but I don’t know if TyrQyake supports music for Quake at all.

Thanks in advance!

Bumping this since I still haven’t figured out a way to setup OGG/MP3 music playback with TyrQuake for any port. I am using 3DS, Wii and Wii U, and I can boot Quake just fine by loading the .pak files, but still don’t know how to setup the files for music.

Anyone knows?

I’m not sure if it supports external audio, but I can say that for Prboom, at least, you just drop them in the same directory as your pak/wad/whatever files.

Do the mp3 files for PrBoom need to be in a specific bitrate to work properly? I’m getting really slow playback from the mp3 files, but when I switch up to the map screen, it speeds up a little bit until I go back to the main gameplay.

Correction: 2. The folder for music is /id1/music, not /id/music

For anyone who’s still looking for an answer:

  1. You need an /id1/ directory somewhere on your drive. I placed mine at /apps/retroarch-wii/id1/ This /id1/ directory needs to be formatted the same way a standard Quake installation is on PC. “pak0.pak” is the shareware component of Quake, and is required; it can be obtained legally for free on multiple sites. It is also the file you will open while TyrQuake is the loaded core in RetroArch. “pak1.pak” is the registered component of the game, and is required to play the last 3 episodes of the game.
  2. TyrQuake for Retroarch Wii does support music playback. /id/music/ is the directory to place music files in; the tracks should be numbered “” to “”. I’m using Ogg Vorbis files (.ogg), and they work fine.
  3. As an aside, I recommend setting RetroArch to output video at 640x480 while playing TyrQuake. I was using 640x224 for Sega Genesis games, and then loaded TyrQuake without switching resolutions, and it didn’t look too good.