Intel Pentium E2160 + Intel GMA X4500 - Crashes, logs attached

Trying to setup Retroarch on an old pc for a friend, I’ve been running it flawlessly on my personal computer but the hardware difference is night and day, on my machine no issues at all, the same roms on his old pc will crash upon launching.

It’s running Windows 7 x64 and I tried both MingW and MSVC 2010 builds, tried the latest build and several other olders builds, got the latest driver update I could find for that onboard graphics, I can run OpenGL demos on benchmark apps no problem so I’m assuming OGL is ok, logs attached.

D3D9 or D3D10 works fine but I believe the N64 needs OGL, is that correct? Any case I would like to understand what is that Retroarch requires from OGL that makes it crash every time.


System Info:


Mame 2003:


I don’t see any errors in those logs. It looks like the cores are shutting down normally. Does it act the same way if you try to run the games directly in RetroArch (i.e., launching from RetroArch’s menu instead of via EmulationStation)?

The N64 cores do indeed require GL (or a very strong CPU for software rendering).

I’m actually launching them from Retroarch’s menu directly, also forgot to mention that when the driver is set to OGL when exiting Retroarch it will ALWAYS throw that exception BEX64. I have tried many different versions and they all do the same, reinstalled Windows, tried Windows 10, no luck, still crashing.

Your log shows that your system only supports OpenGL 2.1… this is not high enough for N64, that requires at least 3.0 or 3.3 if I recall.

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