[iOS/tvOS] bsnes-hd widescreen hacks option

I do not see the setting for hacks in bsnes-hd options like i see on windows. Trying to get smw widecreen goin

You can do it all through core options. Just open the file that explains what settings you need and then go through the core options and set them to what it needs.

@hunterk thanks and where is that file? I dont see anything on the release github about which options to enable. EDIT: if its the bso file, ive tried doing that but doesnt work. I believe its the “stretch” option thats missing

EDIT 2: whoops seems it is working… when the rom is hardpatched. I soft patch everything, wonder why its not working correctly when softpatched? EDIT 3: ah, bsnes hd needs fullpath=true. Dang was hoping the update in 1.9.5 would fix that. Guess its only cd cores that can take advantage?

It may be able to work with bsnes/-hd at some point, but I’m not sure, since the stuff that needs it (mainly msu1, I think?) uses the same file extension as normal games, so I’m not sure if there’s any way to determine which files actually need the fullpath and which don’t.

Ah ok. Well heres hoping. Thanks for the info