[iOS/tvOS] no fast-forward with metal driver?

Seems fast-forward does not work when using metal video driver. Is that just the nature of the driver or can fast-forward be implemented?

It works for me (tested with Mesen and Genesis GX Plus). Here is a demo video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oF8f0KSrjQtk2yB_tW3kAXI38rLQPslB/view?usp=drivesdk

Yah not for me. You sure its not switching to gl? Have allow cores to switch video driver on?

I did it with both “allow cores to switch drivers” on and off and it works in both cases.

What the frack… yah no matter what i do metal will not fast forward

Would u mind trying to turn off allow core and switch to metal driver and save config then kill and restart retroarch? Just to be sure, unless thats what you did

Just did it again and it still works. Not sure what the issue is. I am using the 8/23 nightly if that matters.

Hmm thanks. Ill give that nightly a try.

You think its something else in my config maybe? Any chance i could try yours? And just curious what phone are you using? In any case thanks for trying to help

I don’t customize my configuration very much so a stock config file should do the same thing. I am on an iPad right now but will try to test on my iPhone 12 this afternoon. I don’t expect it to make much difference.

Interesting. I couldn’t get it to work on my iPhone. Tried a stock config changed to metal and also imported my iPad config. In both cases, fast forward didn’t work. I then tried a stock config changed to metal on my iPad and fast forward still worked.

Both devices are not jailbroken. My iPad is running the PadOS 15 beta and my iPhone is running iOS 14.7. Not sure if the difference is due to iOS vs PadOS or 14.7 vs 15.

Hmmm yah i bet its just the ipad or maybe 15?.. im on ios 13 and tvos 14(both jailbroken) and neither fast forward. You think its the power of the ipad or some code is missing in non ipad versions?

I don’t use fast forward (just looked because you asked the question) so I don’t have a good baseline if it worked on my iPad before I upgraded to 15. Just tried on my son’s iPad still on 14.7.1 and fast forward doesn’t work there either.

Thanks again btw for checking. Appreciate it. Maybe it is OS15 then? Hopefully, and intrigued as to what changed