[iOS/tvOS] — RetroArch 1.8.5 and other emulators (Download/Cydia repo)

RetroArch & iOS Emulators:

Click this link: iOS Emulators website

RetroArch & iOS Emulators repo (Jailbroken):

If you’re jailbroken, add my repo to Cydia by clicking this link on your jailbroken device, (this link for Sileo) or by adding this source to Cydia: http://johan.margueritte.free.fr/repo

I created a buildbot too specifically for jailbroken iOS 11+, tvOS 11+, iOS 10 — and for iOS 6 to 9 jailbroken or not! It’s already configured in my RetroArch downloads…

iOS 11+ buildbot: (64-bit)


tvOS 11+ buildbot: (64-bit)


iOS 10 buildbot: (32 & 64-bit)


iOS 9 buildbot: (32-bit)


iOS 6, 7 & 8 buildbot: (32-bit)


Thank you. Hope to update dolphins!

Fbneo’s NEOGEO independent key setting does not work, flash back! It’s been a long time!

Happy to work!

Yeah, for Dolphin’s RetroArch core, we’re kinda waiting for @jet082

And for the standalone app, OatmealDome says there’s more work to be done before the new public release, but you could support him on Patreon for his excellent porting job, and get a newer version in the meantime!

BTW: You’re welcome! :wink:

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Woa that video of UTM on iPadOS playing HalfLife on WinXP VM… my previous looks at qemu didn’t show it remotely capable of that, guess I know what I’m doing later


Thanks for building cores and the updates. Would be cool to get the blastem core. Need a genesis emu that will soft patch.

Dang was hoping the dolphin core had a fix guess not.

Also anyone know a fix for the graphics issues in mupen, like the black courses glitch in mario golf? Doesnt happen with mupen in provenance app

Also also, havent checked but is the bsnes hd beta the newest version with widescreen yet? EDIT: seems it is thanks

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Having weird issue with ps1 game, specifically castlevania sotn. When in chd format i get no cheevos. Anyone else with this prob? Hashes all match. When i convert the chd back to cue/bin i get cheevos again EDIT: should say the same chd does have cheevos on pc

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@Trebrick I think you should report the issue here : https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues

@Weedy_Weed_Smoker Will do. Just never have any luck with help when it comes to ios/tvos. Ill ask my mupen question there too though i think its been asked before. But hey thanks again and any chance of a blastem core?

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@Trebrick BlastEm doesn’t even compile for macOS yet, so it’s not a good sign…

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Oh dang o well a guy can hope

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hey would it be possible to change the dosbox core to this one ? https://github.com/libretro/dosbox-svn

Thanks for doing this! I’m going to assume trying to rewrite the dynamic recompilers is a huge amount of work, therefore isn’t enabled? I’m having issues with stutter on my iPad 7th gen (specifically with PCSX, which I noticed was interpreter, and PicoDrive), and was wondering if I just overlooked something.

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@Weedy_Weed_Smoker hey man, hope you’re keeping safe - just in case you wanted to add Dolphin to your website I now see that the project hosts an ipa here: https://dolphinios.oatmealdome.me/ (have not had time to try performance on non-jailbroken yet)

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Hey Weedy, any plans to do 1.8.7 or 1.8.8?

hey are you going to update the cores or are you only updating retroarch ?

@QcSamuel Hey!

I’m still in the process of compiling all the cores’ latest versions, but I have to go through 3 different macOS versions for everything to compile properly…

Then I’ll update the buildbot…

And then I’ll make the IPA versions including all the new cores inside!


@Weedy_Weed_Smoker Glad to see youre back at it. Thanks. Know why its taking them so long to get 1.8.8 on their buildbot? Nice to see someone workin on apple devices. Also, you post tvos ipas anywhere or just ios?

@Trebrick The official version is compiled by @harakari2 (also known as YoshiSuga on GitHub…), maybe he’s not aware 1.8.8 is already out, or he was not expecting to have that many updates to handle in just a few days!

I generally use his tvOS version to update mine when my tvOS certificate from a random AppleTV in some random store is expired… (You NEED to connect to an AppleTV every now and then with your computer’s Xcode just to compile for the AppleTV)…

@Weedy_Weed_Smoker Thanks for the info Appreciate the work you and @harakari2 do. Yah whole bunch of updates recently. Understandable. Also, any ideas why overlays were removed for tvos? Hopefully they get added back in