[iOS/tvOS] — RetroArch 1.8.9 and other emulators (Download/Cydia repo)

RetroArch & iOS Emulators:

Click this link: iOS Emulators website

RetroArch & iOS Emulators repo (Jailbroken):

If you’re jailbroken, just add my repo to Cydia (or Sileo… Or nitoTV!): http://johan.margueritte.free.fr/repo

Add to Cydia on your jailbroken device, add to Sileo on your jailbroken device

I created a buildbot too specifically for jailbroken iOS 11+, tvOS 11+, iOS 10 — and for iOS 6 to 9 jailbroken or not! It’s already configured in my RetroArch downloads…

iOS 11+ buildbot: (64-bit)


tvOS 11+ buildbot: (64-bit)


iOS 10 buildbot: (32 & 64-bit)


iOS 9 buildbot: (32-bit)


iOS 6, 7 & 8 buildbot: (32-bit)



New Version ! ! ! ! ! :crazy_face:

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Might this version have Bluetooth Mouse capabilities while using the DOSBox core on iOS?

@toughguystudios mouse support on RetroArch for iOS is not implemented yet I think, even with iOS 13’s native mouse support, it’s acting strange in the menus and I don’t think it’s recognized properly in cores…

Awww man, thank you for finally answering. I’ve asked everywhere and no one has responded. I’m even in communication with the programmer for iDos 2 Litchie. All they said was “they will try” So just to clarify there is no previous version of retroarch on iOS that will support iOS? I saw a video of someone get a Bluetooth mouse working on PS vita??? And also Dosbox Turbo and Magic Dosbox on Android has this functionality, so it has to be possible in some form. And I did install the Cydia tweak BTC Mouse & Trackpad to my iOS and it works fine.

Yeah, not implemented yet, I posted an issue about this one month ago on the GitHub issue tracker with no answers whatsoever… https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/10769

I think it’s kinda low on the priorities for the team…

Awesome man, thank you for at least putting it out there in attempting to communicate with the programmers about it. I know little to anything when it comes to programming, but my argument is if the BTC Mouse & Trackpad can work on iOS 6, How can it be so difficult to recreate in retroarch? As well, I consider that it’s probably more complicated than I know, especially when were talking about emulation…then again, PSVita retroarch has it, and Magic Dosbox/Dosbox Turbo apps have it…guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I assume once this update should happen, it will be posted here in the forums. Thank you again.