[iOS/tvOS] RetroArch Official Release 1.8.1

Link to IPA:

iOS: http://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.8.1/apple/ios/RetroArch.ipa

tvOS: https://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.8.1/apple/tvos/RetroArch-tvOS.ipa

This was built using the latest iOS 13 SDK but it should be ok for iOS 11 and above. The extra buttons on the PS4 and XBox One controllers (option and share) should be supported.

New for 1.8.1: Improvements to the mobile MaterialUI. See more details here: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-8-1-released/


Worked like a charm!! Thank you so much harakari2! Much appreciated!

Do you know, is it possible to add a vibration function? And I don’t know how but I wonder, could it be set in SDK to bottom line of screen (same as on iphone x) to disappears after a while in fullscreen mode?

Thanks so much!! Can’t wait!!! :star_struck:

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Thank you, hd mode is marvelous, only had problems with n64 PareLLEL core, it freezes the program. I am running i8+ on 12.4 /uncover.

Using 1.7.8 on Mac OS X on 10.14.4 Mojave I used to be able to navigate menus with keyboard/joypad. This afternoon keyboard and mouse input ceased working after RetroArch displayed a white screen – had to hard power off the system.

I’ve since reinstalled by removing Retroarch from Applications and removing its directory from Application Support, forcing a new retroarch.cfg to be created.

Here is the --verbose: [INFO] RetroArch 1.7.8 (Git GIT_VERSION)

[INFO] === Build =======================================

[INFO] CPU Model Name: Intel® Core™ i7-3615QM CPU @ 2.30GHz


[INFO] Built: Sep 8 2019

[INFO] Version: 1.7.8


[INFO] =================================================


[INFO] Redirecting save file to “/Users/admin/Documents/RetroArch/saves/.srm”.

[INFO] Redirecting savestate to “/Users/admin/Documents/RetroArch/states/.state”.

[INFO] Version of libretro API: 1

[INFO] Compiled against API: 1

[INFO] [Audio]: Set audio input rate to: 30000.00 Hz.

[INFO] [Video]: Video @ 960x720

[INFO] [Cocoa]: change view type: 0 → 4

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

[INFO] [Metal]: suppress screen saver: YES

[INFO] [Video]: Graphics driver did not initialize an input driver. Attempting to pick a suitable driver.

[INFO] Port 0: Wireless Controller.

[INFO] [Autoconf]: 28 profiles found.

[INFO] Found HID driver: “iohidmanager”.

[INFO] [Joypad]: Found joypad driver: “hid”.

[INFO] [Video]: Found display server: null

[INFO] [Autoconf]: selected configuration: /Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/Resources/autoconfig/hid/Sony_Computer_Entertainment_Wireless_Controller.cfg

[INFO] [CoreAudio]: Using output sample rate of 48000.0 Hz

[INFO] [CoreAudio]: Using buffer size of 24576 bytes: (latency = 64 ms)

[INFO] [Menu]: Found menu display driver: “menu_display_metal”.

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

[INFO] [Menu]: Found menu display driver: “menu_display_metal”.

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

[INFO] [LED]: LED driver = ‘null’ 0x102c1ee88

[INFO] [MIDI]: Initializing …

[INFO] [MIDI]: Input disabled.

[INFO] [MIDI]: Output disabled.

[INFO] [MIDI]: Initialized “null” driver.

[INFO] SRAM will not be saved.

[INFO] Loading history file: [/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/RetroArch/config/content_history.lpl].

[INFO] Loading history file: [/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/RetroArch/config/content_music_history.lpl].

[INFO] Loading history file: [/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/RetroArch/config/content_image_history.lpl].

[INFO] Loading favorites file: [/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/RetroArch/config/content_favorites.lpl].

[INFO] Port 1: Wireless Controller.

[INFO] [Autoconf]: 28 profiles found.

[INFO] [Autoconf]: selected configuration: /Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/Resources/autoconfig/hid/Sony_Computer_Entertainment_Wireless_Controller.cfg

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

[INFO] [Font]: Using font rendering backend: stb-unicode.

I wish N64 could be added back to RA iOS so very badly! Want to get in on some fun 64 action!

provenance has a n64 core

I’m a big fan of retro achievements though when I play, provenance doesn’t support them do they?

Also, retro achievements just released PS1 achievements too, and I guess RA nightlys have already implemented it, can’t wait for iOS too!

Hey there,

I am wondering if this will ever get an official update?

A wonderful new tool has recently been released on iOS.

AltStore is now available to install ipa’s without jailbreak and the great news is its permanent.

I was hopeing for an official update, as the unofficial ones are not working currently on this.