Hello everybody. I would like to share a good experience I had with Retroarch/Netplay.

I used a PC connected to the internet through the ISP that offers IPv6.

However, for IPv4 without the use of relay servers, only CGNAT without being able to be a host with a direct connection.

Here is my thanks to the retroarch/netplay team for making Relay Servers available, which helps to create game rooms without problems with CGNAT.

I decided to try connecting via IPv6 for the first time, which, to my surprise, worked perfectly.

A room is normally created using retroarch, without using server relay. Then check the ipv6 in the retroarch itself, it reports in the Main menu-Information-Network Information.

Note the IPv6 that is in Interface.

Now on another PC it can be inside or outside the network of the first one, just connect to the created room (as long as it is the same Retroarch Version (1.17) ROM and CORE) through the Netplay-Connect to Netplay Host menu. Enter the ipv6 previously noted and that’s it, the connection is made normally without port forwarding, without NAT or Server Relay.

The connection only occurs if it goes this way because according to the Host List, it will be Not Connectable.

I believe that in the future, technicians will be able to include rooms that are online exclusively through IPv6.

To test among friends, you need to know the IPv6 reported by Retroarch, and exchange this information via messenger, email or other form of communication. And both ISPs with iPv6 available.

Excited, I decided to install retroarch on an Android version 6 cell phone. Everything was fine. I connected the cell phone’s internet through my operator’s data plan, which also offers IPv6 on the cell phone. Tested with 3G and 4G

And to a pleasant surprise, it is possible to connect your cell phone as a client and any PC as a host via IPv6 and play online.

The reverse also works. I used my cell phone as a host, wrote down the IPv6 that retroarch reports and inserted it into the PC’s retroarch which is also on the internet with IPv6 and it worked!! Obviously with 4g and other factors the ping is high but for me who is already a certain age I was impressed with such technology.

The console was the Atari 2600 via Stella Core with the legendary Seaquest rom.

Maybe I’m late with this information that I decided to share, but due to my excitement and pleasant surprise, I felt like sharing this.

Sorry for the long text or if it’s in the wrong place.

Again, all my thanks to the retroarch team for providing such fun and nostalgia for the good times.

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