Is Atomiswave supported in the new Flycast core?

Is Atomiswave supported in the new “all-in-one” Flycast core ??

IF it was before it would still be now

It is still supported

I get a “Failed to load content” when i try to load any of the 27 previously working Atomisware games i have.

Anything to do with the Atomisware bios? Any other changes?

Did you tried to reset core association?

I created some logs to figure out what happens and some games fail to load because ax1601f01.bin is not found. In other cases ax1701f01.bin was not found, e.t.c.

A change to latest MAME roms maybe, removing these files?

Only one game requires this specific file (rangrmsn), but other atomiswave games all require a file with similar name (2 digit differ). Seems to me like all your atomiswave romsets are missing the decryption keys, which was always required.

You are right! Latest MAME roms (v0.213) no longer contain the decryption keys…

So i guess that Flycast is no longer compatible with MAME atomiswave roms?

My Atomis2Naomi old roms still work but trying the latest MAME roms don’t work at all. Though when It does run it’s been slow like nothing else lately, with the exception of Dolphin Blue, that one ran fine but the rest chugged.

There is mention on the MAME Dev site that the decryption keys were removed in the latest MAME set. I added them back from an older backup and now all Atomiswave roms i tried work fine with Flycast.

These are .bin files, easy to identify if you have an older MAME set.

No delays or any other problems.

Yeah, MAME devs decided to handle atomiswave decryption keys differently in 0.213. Those changes will be backported to flycast for the sake of convenience but you’ll have to wait a bit.

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This should be fixed with the latest core version (66caec0)

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All the roms i tried (without the decryption keys) now work fine! Thanks!

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Which MAME Romset work better? No Links, just the Version. A few of mine work perfectly on PC, but on my Switch, (New Core created for Switch), only a Couple of them Run, but are slow, and Graphics get bad. Then a few others do not Start.