Is Flycast compatible with any video drivers other than gl?

Asking because I prefer to play my games through steam link on my 4K tv but GL offers terrible performance through the steam link. Changing to vulkan fixes this for all my cores except flycast, which isn’t compatible with vulkan. Is there any other option if gl just isn’t working well?

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On Windows you can try the Glcore (not “gl” but “glcore”) with Flycast which is newer and offers better performance than classic gl.

Haven’t tested this with everything yet but that seemed to work so far. Thank you!

As a rule of thumb, the vulkan and glcore drivers are the modern ones. Don’t use plain gl unless you need compatibility with the older GLSL shaders, or if a core requires an old gl driver. The vulkan and glcore drivers support the modern SLang shaders.

glcore is also slightly faster than gl on my setup.