Is Internal clock not affected by fast forward.

I have a question, does the fast forward toggle affect a games internal clock? I’m asking in case I want to grow berries in Pokemon Emerald, but I’m afraid that using the fast forward toggle to cut down grinding would also affect the clock and accidently reduce the time it takes for berries to grow, making things inconsistent.

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I haven’t looked at GB emuilator source code, but in general, real-time clocks are not affected by fast forward, save states, pause, etc. Only timers are.

It’s almost certain that if the game uses a real-time clock (on the cartridge) to measure time, then FF won’t do anything weird. However, the game might be using normal timers instead, and those are always affected by fast-forward.

But, at the end of the day, you need to test it yourself to be certain.

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