Is Libretro any kind of legal entity?

Hi! I was wondering if Libretro is a company (but I don’t think :sweat_smile: ) or if it is some official community (like KDE, which is an e.V. or Godot Engine, which is part of Software Freedom Conservancy) or if it is just an online community, without a legal entity at the moment. If it is just a simple online community, are there any plans for becoming something more in the future? :blush: I already tried to search on libretro website but I didn’t find anything about this. :grin:

There is a company that handles the money side of things (accepting donations, selling the merchandise and paying the bills), but there’s not anything for the commnity side of it.

Understood! And where is this company based? And what kind of entity is it? (Ltd, LLC, CIC…)

There was an LLC in the US, but it was a hassle to keep up, so we dropped it. I don’t actually know the details about the new one (what type of organization it is, etc), but I believe it’s based in the EU. :shrug:

Understood! :slightly_smiling_face: I found it odd that the name of the company is not present on the main website :laughing: Anyway thank you for your answer!