Is the macOS (Universal) app self-contained?

Hi, I’m hoping to setup RetroArch on an external USB stick so I can easily switch playing in between two Macs. So I was wondering if this version of RetroArch copies any files on system or user folders on the main drive or if it can be complely run self-contained from an external drive?

The Win install guide ( says that RetroArch is self-contained but not sure if that also applies to the MacOs (Universal) version?

No, it writes stuff to Application Support, at least. I’m not sure where else offhand.


Thank you. I wonder if there’s any documentation available about it (I can’t find anything). It’d be great if you could setup a self-contained version (easier to backup if you’re messing around with configurations, cores, etc.)

You can go to settings > directory and see which directories are in use and/or change them to different paths. The config always goes into the application support directory unless you use the command line to point to a different location (using the -c switch).

The easiest way to do a portable installation, I think, would be to set up a launcher script that points to a config in the same folder as the app bundle and that sets all of the paths to the same location.