Is there a Mupen64Plus-Next 64DD guide anywhere?


I do not understand the posted instructions on how to use 64DD content with Mupen.

I have found these instructions:

"First, you need a BIOS file. Make sure the file ‘IPL.n64’ is located in your /Mupen64plus directory.

You can either use the subsystem for 64DD, or you can name the disk image the same as the ROM including extension.

If you need to load a specific cart with the Disk image, that would be: “homebrew.n64” and “homebrew.n64.ndd” then Load Content “homebrew.n64”."

I have done ALL of this and it does not work.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it very much.

I gave up on it some time ago, not being able to make it work in RetroArch either (only in standalones).

The best alternative though, is to track down the 64DD files that have been converted into regular N64 ROMs and load them as any normal N64 rom. Which is what i did and never looked back. There’s even a F-Zero X + Expansion combined, translated ROM.

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Hi, I was trying that today and it seems that at least for subsystem you have to enter there 3 times: first load the ndd, then the expected rom (taking U/J/E into account), then again to actually start it. Also the rom should be unzipped. I tried with FZeroX but I don’t have the Japanese rom, just Usa. Didn’t try loading it directly.

Thanks for this, Got it working doing this. F-Zero froze up when loading, but for some strange reason if load in and immediately create a save state, then load the state it doesn’t lock up. I suspect it’s loading through the bios too quickly.

Do you know how to load standalone content?

My “xxxx.ndd” content such as doshin results in a “failed to load content” error.

I’ve just tried standalone content, and it worked. BUT, you have to make sure that there are only ascii characters in your path. I’ve just tried and my main content path has an “ó” in between… and it seems that DD files can’t load from there (other content is fine).

At first I didn’t know that standalone content work, vecause I didn’t find any tutorial on how to load n64dd xd.

I read the mupen64 docs and thought that maybe that’s the way n64dd works… and something happened after a couple of tries.

I created an issue in the repo: 64DD fails to load if path contains non-ascii chars

ca you list the steps you took to load it please?

No problem!


  • Put the 64DD bios file named “IPL.z64” into ./system/Mupen64Plus directory.
    • I saw regional bios files. I’ve only tried with JP ones as the official content is JP only.
  • Make SURE that the paths of both files are only made with ascii characters (list here.)
  • If the 64DD requires a rom, make sure that both are of the same region.
  • Try using checked/verified roms, there may be problems with patched ones.

Standalone content:

  1. Have a “NAME.z64” file and a “NAME.z64.ndd” in the same folder. When loading the z64 file through “Load Content” it should automatically pick the 64DD rom. If the 64DD does not require a rom to load, then ANY rom will suffice.

Using Subsystems:

  1. Load Mupen64Plus core
  2. Go to Subsystems > Load N64 Disk Drive
  3. Load the “.ndd” file.
  4. Go again to Subsystems > Load N64 Disk Drive
  5. Now pick the “.z64” file.
  6. Finally go one last time to Subsystems, and you should see a “Start N64 Disk Drive” with the selected files listed.

Those are the steps I’ve been doing for both ways to load 64DD.

I hope this helps!


Thanks, that worked for me.

I was successfully able to launch all verified copies of games in the 64DD library, bar “Dezaemon DD (Japan) (Proto)”

Some notes for developers.

  1. The method to launch standalone content feels hacky and convoluted. Not beginner friendly. Perhaps a way to solve this would be to simply load .ndd standalone content through the normal method, i.e load core, load content. or to modify the subsystem to not require an additional dummy .z64 rom to launch the .ndd when it isn’t required.
  2. The bios screen displays too quicky, this likely isn’t accurate to original hardware, and in the case of some games (i.e. F-Zero Expansion kit) I think it may be leading to instabilllity and crashes / hangs

Thanks for the hard work.

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A little late, here is an official guide with information (which does not appear in the documents). Although, it does not have the detailed information that @drehren gives.

The option to place the same name is very comfortable and works to create a playlist.

Super Mario, Golf Tour, F-Zero X, Simcity, Dezamon, have their ROM.
The “Mario Artist” work with any ROM (Japan).
But the “kyojin no doshin” can not get ripped them in any way. It works for you?
The converted versions work well.