Is there a possibility for a better video player?

Since RetroArch is pretty much the only platform that allows you to play videos with shader support, i was wondering if something other than ffmpeg is on the works. Ffmpeg is barebones and has many issues like crashing when using seek or lacking controls in general. Maybe a proper player like vlc with more controls and better handling of all types of videos?


There’s an mpv core, but I don’t know if it’s in much better shape than ffmpeg.


Is there a file somewhere i can use? Always get confused with Github and sometimes i don’t know what to download

I think you have to build it with some certain compile flags. I’m not sure, tbh.

Oh, i was afraid that would be the case :frowning:

libretro-mpv is limited by the fact that it handles it’s own audio output. It does not send audio samples to the libretro frontend (retroarch). This means that pausing Retroarch will not pause the video in libretro-mpv. Otherwise, video playback is good on libretro-mpv. The instructions for building libretro-mpv are at , but I wouldn’t bother if you are a casual user.


Doesn’t someone have a compiled core that can share?

ffmpeg is so buggy i had to unbind the fast seek functions to prevent RA crashing every time i accidentally press the triggers on my controller.

Which means now there are no other functions left other than play and stop. Thankfully, i can still use RA’s native fast forward, which works much better and doesn’t cause crashes.

I don’t think i have ever used a worse video player application. Too bad it’s still the only way to watch videos with shaders.

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If you are on Windows, you could try the Shaderglass application in combination with your videoplayer of choice.


Yeah, i tried this the other day.

I could never make it look good though. The shader doesn’t align well with the pixels. Im trying to watch 60fps longplay videos of games.

You can use Reshade with Media Player Classic.