Is there a way to keep keyboard + joystick keys funcional in DOSBox?

In DOSBox standalone you can bind keyboard keys to a joystick but keeping functional the same keyboard button for any game, so both the binded joystick button and keyboard one keeps working anytime the player decides to switch between keyboard and joystick… But in RetroArch, the moment I bind a joystick button I lose complete functionality for any of the keyboard buttons assigned to the joystick so I lose control over the keyboard for a specific game, so I have to unbind in order to use keyboard again. I tried even with joystick disconnected and keyboard buttons still lose their functionality for the game involved…

Is there a chance to keep the former behavior for DOSBox in RetroArch ?

Would appreciate the help !

Which Dosbox core are you using, SVN, Pure, or “core”? Under Pure, I’m able to also keep the keyboard controls if I toggle game focus, default key Scroll Lock.

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Yeah thanks, managed at last to find that out as a solution.