Is there a way to load multiple nfd files with np2kai?

I have some games that are multiple nfd, f88, or other floppy disk formats. I need to load multiple of them at once unlike an hdi file. It is not possible to load via load contents. And from what little japanese I know from Kai s website loading nfs, f88 and other floppy disk formats require rombasic able to run, which I suppose it works for me since when I load the core without anything it asks for “how many files” and gets an" okay "output when a number is entered. Does anybody know what model’s bios versions work for enabling rombasic and can load floppy disk files fine? What is the “correct” version of bios mentioned on RetroArch np2kai doc page? Are all regular models of pc9801 line like pc9801ux or pc9801vm work?

However I can’t figure out how to load the files themselves. I am using a redditors touhou overlay for pc98 and I can’t find a way to load things manually. As the core option to map joypad overlay to mouse or keyboard just doesn’t work. So I can’t either type commands or use a simulated mouse to manipulate the GUI menu bar that pops up using the menu icon in the overlay. I am unable to find a proper load command for np2kai either. Since the files has to be loaded into the emulator BEFORE any commands to use rombasic to load files to work. I am not sure how to research this. The only solution possible is what I saw in a youtubers video but it is on windows. They create a .cmd file to tell the Kai core to “np2kai ‘path/to/file1’ ‘path/to/file2’ ‘etc.’” and then load the cmd file from RetroArch. I am not sure if it works on android devices. Someone is able to make it work on retropie build of the core tho. But even if loading the files this way, if the game asks to switch disks how do I do it? It doesn’t seem possible to access the emulator settings within an emulation, so the only way is to access the gui menu bar which requires mouse input that kai’s core lacks. Or maybe my core settings and overlay settings are wrong for the case. Or maybe gui menu bar can be manipulated with keys? Any advise?

Hi, i’m a windows user so take this with a grain of salt, it might not apply to android-

I tried to launch a 2 disk game ( .fdi) to do it I simply load the first one and then when asked for disk B:

Quick Menu -> Disk Control -> Eject Disc --> Load new disk -> [browse to second disk] -> insert Disc

than you can go back to the game.

To do this the discs images need to be unzipped.

What game are you trying to load?

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Never mind, apparently the overlay added mouse support when the gui menu shows. Now I have a different issue though. How am I supposed to save the game with multiple floppy files? If I use the savestate it would give error if the floppy files are not loaded in the exact order they were. There is bmp save but I am not sure it’s save game function or just screenshot. I can use the games default save function and save to the floppy files but I am not sure it will work since rombasics seem to be unable to save stuff from what I read from np2kai homepage. Also I don’t have a keyboard so I can’t use some keys that call up menus in game to save game…