Is there a way to use the mouse as an analog stick?

What i want to do is to be able to play a bunch of console racing games (that use the analog stick for turning) with a mouse instead of an analog stick. Moving the mouse in the Input Options don’t register anything. So what’s the correct way to achieve this?

I don’t know if it’s possible in RA. If it is, I’m not sure how. Thinking more outside the box though, I know I’ve used Xpadder to do the opposite of this. I’m betting there’s some tool that could be run in the background that maps mouse movement to those 2 axises (axi?)

AFAIK, with tools like JoyToKey and Xpadder you can bind the Keyboard & Mouse to a gamepad. Which is the opposite of what i want to do (i want to bind the gamepad to a mouse).

AntiMicro can do this make sure to leave it running.