Is there any way to improve the gba /ds/ snes?

Hi, like the title above says, i was wondering if theres any way to improve audio quality in systems like gba? I wear headphones maybe thats why it sounds so muffled.

There are audio filters you can apply (and customize via text editor) to do things like EQ, reverb, low-pass, etc.

Do you have any recommendation which one would improve the sound of gba? I guess it’s one of those things where you have to try each one to decide lol can you enable this in retroarch? Or does it have to be via text? My headphones are 5.1 not sure if the sound sounds worse because dolby is enabled.

Yeah, you can load them in settings > audio > DSP plugin. I made the “ChipTuneEnhance”, which just does some (aggressive) EQing with slight reverb. You can see what the DSP preset looks like here:

It’s very similar to a shader preset. Most of the other DSP plugins are just single-purpose to show off the individual filters, but you can mix and match them like in the ChipTuneEnhance preset to make whatever custom thing you want.


wow that is cool! Imma try some of these filters later today! Thanks @hunterk

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When it comes to audio drivers which one is considered the best? I’m using default xaudio.

Doesn’t matter much. Xaudio is generally a good choice, since you can typically get lower latency than with daudio but without the hassles of WASAPI.