Is Vulkan possible in KMS?


I use Vulkan in KMS mode on Arch Linux, it uses OpenGL ; but if I try to set Vulkan as video driver, Retroarch does not launch. Is this normal ? I have the latest Mesa 18.3 and Vulkan works in RA when I’m launching it through Plasma (even under Wayland). So I’m just wondering if Vulkan with no DE / graphical server is possible ?


KMS is indeed a GL thing. There is a KMS-like VKH(?) mode that works with vulkan and I believe maister hooked up awhile back but I don’t know any of the details.


Well, thanks for your answer Hunterk. It would be nice to know a little more about this VKH thing !


Ah, here we go:

It’s khr_display.


Unfortunately, I tried putting this in my retroarch.cfg :

video_context_driver = “khr_display”

video_driver = “vulkan”

But it still does not work on Intel or AMD GPU.


You may try those experimental lakka builds if you have Nvidia.


I have an Intel GPU and an AMD discrete card. And I don’t use Lakka.

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Update : I managed to get Vulkan working in a tty with Khr_display on a newer laptop ; unforunately, performance is better in regular KMS OpenGL, so I’ll stick with that for now ! This is weird because in every other case, Vulkan performs better than OpenGL on all my systems.


Thank you for the info.

Indeed VK_KHR_display is implemented on anv (Intel) and radv (AMD).