IS XP VS2010 32bits Retroarch working at all?

Hi, i tried this version in 2 XP SP3 computers and one XP x64 PC, one intel GMA3100, other ATI x1200 and the latest ATI 4350 and while retroarch load fine, i just get a black screen when load games

I tried GL, GL1 and GDI, same. D3D9 dont work

When a game is loaded, i can with F1 go to quick menu, everything looks correct… just a black screen, no sound, nothing


Ok, I reply myself, i think the problem are the cores

I downloaded retroarch source code, and compile one core (genesis-plus-gx) using mingw, and is working good

Any ideas?

I don’t remember specifically genesis plus, but some cores were definitely broken. Some cores from the regular msvc2017 should will work though (e.g. Caprice32).

Yes, thanks for confirm, it seems cores are broken.

I tested in more computers, is a core problem

Hi, can you share your genesis-plus-gx compiled core? Or can you explain me how can i do?