Issues with RetroArch menu on Wii

Thanks for opening these issues, and the ones for picodrive. We need all of the testing/reporting on Wii we can get :slight_smile:

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Happy to do more when I can.

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Oh course I’ll intrigued to see when/if these issues are fixed.

Wii is great for 240p and 480p so is my choice for emulation of many platforms. I use a 480p EDTV for pixel perfect output.

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OK, have been doing some testing and so much is broken it’s not funny.

@hunterk is there a manual or automated test suite I can run?

As it is I don’t have time right now to run through every core, especially with so much being broken meaning many issues would need to be filed. And then to start all that all over again every time there is a new build.

Hmm, that’s a bummer. I don’t know of any automated suite, no. I guess you could do a big multi-issue with checkboxes to check off what gets fixed and what remains.