Issues with Saving

Hi everyone,

Thanks for having me on this forum. I’ve recently started to get into emulation and am really enjoying playing some of the C64, SNES and Sega games of my youth. I’m using a Windows 10 PC with RetroArch installed.

I’ve got everything up and running and the games are all playing fine but I’m having some real issues with saving. To be fair, I didn’t realise about needing to quit ‘cleanly’ but even though I’m doing that now, the saved games on Super Mario World and Mario 3 (All Stars) aren’t there when I go back into RetroArch after quitting.

I haven’t changed the save location or any other setting so not sure if there’s maybe something I should be doing/trying that I haven’t yet?

In addition, when I try to use save states I get the timer stuck at 0% and then RetroArch crashes. This happens with Sega games as well as SNES ones (I understand they won’t work with C64 ones so not tried them).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Alex

Where did you install RetroArch? If it’s somewhere that requires elevated privileges to access, RetroArch can have trouble writing to its own folder, which results in problems like this.

Applications can’t be quit “uncleanly” in Windows unless the application crashes. Just make sure you don’t install RA under “Program Files”.

Thanks for the quick reply. I just installed it to Program File (x86) folder - I’m guessing this is probably the issue?

Thanks sonninnos - I’ll reinstall to a different drive and see how it goes.

Much appreciated both

All working perfectly, thanks again!

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