Issues with Wipeout sequels and NeGcon controller

Tried to fix this myself, completely stuck.

I’m using a Namco NeGcon controller with Beetle PSX. It’s set up correctly and works nicely with Wipeout. The sequels (2097, XL, Wipeout 3/SE) are having a strange issue where it’s difficult to even use confirm/next in the menus because when you press the button, you’re immediately back on the same page. In-game it’s also pressing two buttons at once, even if I bind accelerate onto the NeGcon’s B button (which is the same as triangle) and I can’t explain it.

I only have a core inputs remapped, no game remaps and there are no duplicate buttons. It’s laid out physically the same as a usual PlayStation controller (with X- X+ analog) set to Device Type NeGcon

My controller has no issues with any standalone emulator and it’s fine in Wndows control panel where I can see what is being pressed.

I doubt many people will be able to investigate this and even care what I’m saying but it’s frustrating.

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