It is now possible to set a video driver for a core!

I don’t seem to have seen any info about it in recent changelogs, but I noticed that is is now possible to set “video_driver = xx” in a core config file and that is AWESOME ! Now I don’t have to use custom retroarch.cfg for some cores that don’t use Vulkan or Glcore but use basic OpenGL instead. Congratulations and thanks a lot for that wonderful feature !

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Doesn’t work for me with Flycast when using video_driver = “vulkan” in retroarch.cfg and video_driver = “glcore” in config/Flycast/Flycast.cfg. It just exits back to the menu. I’ve heard it works if you do the same thing with --appendconfig, but haven’t gotten around to trying that yet.

Maybe it only works between “gl” and “glcore” ? That’s what I use.

Flycast uses accelerated opengl backend. Will only work on glcore and gl video drivers.

You’re right, I forgot about that ! Flycast does not support Vulkan so that’s why it fails.

Hmm, I use Vulkan as my main driver, but I want to use OpenGL on Mupen64Plus Next since that core only supports OpenGL, how would I do this?

Open or create the Mupen64 config file (mupen64plus_next_libretro.cfg probably) and write “video_driver = “gl”” (or"glcore") in it.

How do I make sure that config file is used when I load mupen64-plus core?

Doesn’t is always use retroarch.cfg by default?

Open Retroarch without loading a game, go to Settings -> Drivers -> Video driver should be set to “Vulkan”. Now, launch a game with Mupen64Plus : if it boots, then the custom file is being used.

Unfortunately Mupen64-Next has the same problem as Flycast, which @cubatilles pointed out earlier. You can’t change the video driver from Vulkan to gl, which is a shame.