It's time to take out my PS5 from closet

Alright so, about 2 years ago, i’ve bought a PS5 disk version which was i guess first series, however, for some reason i didn’t play it and kept it in my closet for nearly i guess 2 years and half now. well without a doubt, i was waiting for a possible Jailbreak so i could run homebrew stuff in it and also patches n mods for new games, and looks like my dreams are becomming true. the console is i guess at FW 1.5 and recently there’s been many releases of patches and homebrew on FW 3xx upto 4.51 however, sadly no RetroArch yet wondering why since i’m writing at Libretro forum i’m gnna sniff out and see if there’s any progress for that. and, since i also want to adopt for an SSD for it i guess i’m gonna sattle updating it to 4.03 i know having a lower firmware is better but you cannot obtain an SSD for this if you’re below 4.0

Ohhh it seems it was yesterday when i first installed RetroArch on my PS3 and got blown by it, now it has becomming a multi platform Emulator and became an important part of my PC. However, i don’t know or not sure if it worths porting RetroArch to a PS5 because, obviously there are not much people who willingly kept their PS5 in their closet so, the amount of consoles which can get jailbroken is i guess less than 10% of the PS5 owners and, since this project requires lots of effort placed into it i’m not sure if LibRetro devs would wanna consider doing that but, we’ll see.

So, yeah lucky for anyone who kept it’s PS5 in closet by now however, i haven’t turned it on or played with it since i’ve bought it so, i’m not aware what condition it might be, i mean i tested it as soon as i got it in order to see if it functions but, other than that it has been in it’s box since then. If anyone planning to own a newly coming PS5 Slim things gonna get tougher since sony now requires you to connect Online in order for the BD Drive to actually function and work properly so, i guess it would take time for the new units to actually get jailbroken, i’ve been hearing rumors about a possible userland exploit has been running on FW 7.0 but, other than that, there has been nothing yet.

Anyway, yayyy to meeeee or not, i don’t know since there’s still not much emulators i can run with it but, i guess it’s getting there.

We don’t have any specific plans, but I suspect most of the work porting it to PS4 should carry over.

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Lol i almost forgot that, PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 and u can even install PS4 FPKGs on it so, yeah i guess RetroAch on my PS5 is a done deal xD