Jetson Nano: meh so far (vs rpi)


Hello - I struggled to get the Jetson Nano up and running so I thought I would share a current set of links/info for those interested in using RA on Nano.

tl;dr: so far due to lack of community and closed up packaging from NVidia, if you have an RPi you’re better off just sticking to it. But yes, it runs Doom.


  1. You will need to start with a ethernet connection + have a keyboard/mouse (I use a cheap Rii plastic handheld keyboard/mousepad combo thing). Also you may find that the audio through HDMI is NOT the default, this needs to be switched manually from the audio devices in the Ubuntu config.

  2. Getting wifi/bluetooth dongle driver going:

  • as recommended I went with the Edimax brand but although not tagged as officially supported, went with the 2-in-1 wifi+BT version EW-7611ULB
  • best link to get it up and running: following the reply from boundule starting with “My problem was solved by Following way”
  • after that you should have wifi + BT going
  1. XBox 360 wireless controller
  1. RA software
  • used the Ubuntu PPA [X]
  • the XBox controller settings were really off, so what I had to do was:
    • set unified controls in the config
    • turn controller off! and start RA
    • then navigate to the binding of player 1
    • turn on controller and enter binding

At this point RA is usable with better experience with vsync off. Honestly with the NVidia GPU I was expecting a better performance vs a Raspberry Pi, but it’s not been significantly better (I know CPU is roughly equivalent and CPU is used by most cores… but still).

[X] my current issue is here: as per docs because I used the PPA then the online updater is disabled… the number of cores is actually quite limited (main one missing = PPSSPP), so that’s a bit frustrating. I will double check that I updated the repository though (and maybe use the testing one).


I changed the PPA packages to not disable the online updater. Which Ubuntu version are you using?


I don’t think the PPA is a good fit. Those are generic ARM packages, no NEON or anything.

I figure building your own would be better.

Does this have a binary nvidia driver? or are you using nouveau?


If you are using L4T, you can try RA snap package as it is available also for (arm64/aarch64).