Just a question here about the BIOS?

I’m having a hard time finding BIOS’s that run properly. Specifically, right now, the PSX, is/are there any known BIOS’s that are, say, designed specifically for RetroArch? if so, where may I obtain it/them? and also, If there are ones specifically for it, why are they not included with the download of RetroArch? I’m looking for all the supported Gameboys, Playstations (not PSP), and Gamecube (If supported). I have my Game CDs so other than the Gameboys (Although I do have them and the games, I have no way of playing them on PC), my games are legit…

BIOSes are copyrighted just like game ROMs, so we can’t tell you where to get one other than to recommend that you dump your own from your console(s) in accordance with your local laws and statutes.

If you load a core and then go to information > core information, it will list the name of the BIOS it’s looking for–so be sure your dump is named as it expects, case-sensitive and with no extraneous hyphens, etc.–along with the correct checksum, so make sure your dump has the right checksum.

Thank you for the info

Try Google or duckduckgo to Search for them

Been there done that. I have some just was wondering if there were any specifically for retroarch

Oh Okay. Got Ya.

Yeah there is not Special RA Bios needed