Just how popular is Retroarch?


I know it’s difficult to gauge how many and how frequently people use it, and I also know that it mostly gets rave reviews both from websites and end users, but based on social network and forum activity as well as ‘real life’ conversations, I have the impression that it doesn’t buzz as much as it deserves, specially considering how popular retro games are these days, and the fact that it astonishingly runs on every imaginable platform and OS. But maybe/hopefully my world is small and not representative of what’s going on out there, and said impression is incorrect.

Retroarch is a monumental achievement and one of the most important things that ever happened to emulation as a whole. It has a bit of a learning curve of course and is not exactly plug’n play until one learns its language and gets used to its intrincacies (a small price to pay for all the brilliant stuff that it brings to the table), but it should be all-over nonetheless.

So to make a long story short: are you happy about the ubiquity of your wondrous creation or do you, like me, feel that it’s still in line for more attention, praise and usage?


Sometime it’s better to stay low key :wink:

“The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.” :shushing_face:


We would like it to get more recognition, sure, but not specifically as it relates to emulators. That is, for a long time, we’ve wanted to grow the ecosystem for games and game engines, as emulators (unfortunately and undeservedly) tend to carry the stigma of piracy.

There are, I think, a lot more people using RetroArch than realize it, and that’s okay, too. A large number of people use ffmpeg every day but don’t even know what ffmpeg is.


I break it almost every day!

@hunterk - I see… I have been in fact watching many videos on RA lately. Shaders can help a lot with compression artifacts, color and gamma corrections and etc. I use it mainly for emus, like most people I guess, but it definitely makes sense to grow the ecosystem. And not just because of that stinky stigma. A lot of modern games, independent productions in particular, could benefit a lot from what RA has to offer.


Maybe the latest episode of Black Mirror will give RetroArch a nice popularity boost. :slight_smile:


Haha indeed! I hope some royalties will be going RAs way XD


Amazingly, I use Retroarch more as a video player than anything. But yeah, it’s used to emulate basically every retro console when I want to play games too.


Yeah I think it will!