JVC CRT TV Overlays 1080p


I can only go by my own MAME configs, but I’m sure they’re not much different.

Setup your main core config, I will use MAME as a example. In my MAME config I have the following set

core_specific_config = “false” auto_overrides_enable = “true”

I then make a specific config for a type of MAME game, for example - Vertical games, and Horizontal games. I will, for a vertical game, load in centipede, make sure it lines up with the tv overlay, make other adjustments to suit that game(Aspect, scaling, etc…), then finally write a new config in the main menu. This will give me, for example, a config called mame_libretro1.cfg. There is already my mame_libretro.cfg, so a1 is added to the name. I then rename that config, mame_libretro1.cfg, to the name of the rom I’ve just used - centipede - the rom is centiped, the config is now centiped.cfg. Now when I load centipede into MAME all my custom settings are now loaded, along with the correct overlay.

I can also edit the line

video_shader =


video_shader = “:\shaders\centiped.cgp”

so I can have custom shader settings as well. Just name the shader the same, centiped.cgp.

With the Playstation, just make sure your ISOs are not really long named and with weird characters in, and do the same thing. Again, for example, I have all 3 crash bandicoot games on my HD, named crash1.iso, crash2.iso, crash3.iso. I just name my custom playstation config to crash1.cfg, and any shaders to crash1.cgp.

Hope that helps in any way.


Really enjoying using the overlay in the original post; Thanks John


Hi, looks awesome however I have a 16:10 monitor. Is it possible to resize the overlay to fit 1920:1200 resolution?


Love the overlay! What settings should I use so the game fills the CRT screen? Here is a screenshot. It looks great but isn’t filling the entire TV screen.


Pyramid_Head, you can try using “Custom” in Video settings, Aspect. Then you can resize X and Y to your own needs, just make sure Integer is off and the X/Y res is as close to a 4:3 aspect as you can so you retain fairly even scanlines.

calle81, you can resize any them to your own resolution and aspect ratio, BUT, you will have to re-do the alpha channel.


Thanks! I think I got it as perfect as I can get it :slight_smile:


Any chance you can please re-up the overlays zip? It’s gone from filefactory. Thanks!


Yes, all the overlays are gone


Up ! It would be nice if someone could reupload them. :slight_smile:


Please reupload the file. thank you.


Hey, can anyone please re-upload the original JVC overlay with the reflections? The file is not available any longer :frowning:


BUMP! Anyone willing to share the JVC overlays? Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry to bump this old thread but anyone could reupload the version with the screen Glare? Sadly the original file was removed and the only version that remained are the glareless one. Thank you so much.