Kega Fusion 3.64 in Retroarch

Playing the Genesis Plus GX emulator, I thought: “Why didn’t we add the Kega Fusion 3.64 emulator for Retroarch?” it Seems to be a great emulator for Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, SMS and SG-1000. And the game compatibility is excellent.

Could you explain why you didn’t add the core of this emulator to your program?

We can only add open source emulators ourselves because they have to be ported to the libretro API. Steve Snake would have to make a libretro core himself in this case.

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Yeah, it’d be nice to have the one emulator on the planet with fully developed 32X support that can play 32X Sega CDs, but sadly I think it’ll never happen. I remember Steve saying he agreed not to release the source code as a favor to Sega.

Plus, even if he did release the source, he coded it x86 assembly. It would basically have to be completely rewritten to be portable to all the platforms RetroArch will run on.

Why did he do a Favor for Sega?

He apparently has ties with them. He was a former employee and I think maybe continues to contract with them or something…?

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I wish he’d left long ago. In my opinion, Sega as a game development company is dead, but not as a publisher.

They had already lost Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima. Who knows what will happen to her next.