Keyboard hotkeys not working when using linuxraw driver

As mentioned in the title, I switched the joystick driver to linuxraw because it was the better compromise, but the slight downside is that all the keyboard hotkeys stop working when the core is running, the keyboard keys mapped as input for the controller do work but the hotkeys for quick menu (F1), fast-forward (spacebar), quit (ESC), etc. do not work anymore. The only hotkey that works is the menu toggle combo.

I’ve read that linuxraw needs a TTY active to read the keyboard but I’m not sure that’s the issue here, even when ran from the terminal the issue is still there (I installed/run through flatpak). I’m running antiX 19 btw; I’ve tried to reproduce this on a VM (VMware with open-vm-tools) but there it works fine, the issue only happens with my actual PC. Any ideas are welcome, thanks.

I finally figured out why it wasn’t working, totally my fault. While doing a bunch of testing I did some batch replacements of strings inside retroarch.cfg, at one point I replaced all strings _btn = "nul" with _btn = "6".

Eventually I set the driver to linuxraw and the controllers started working properly, but the keyboard hotkeys stopped working so I wrongly assumed that one had caused the other. Reverting all those input mapping values back to nul solved the issue that I had created in the first place.

I know have a nice portable OS with my roms that works in some places where Lakka doesn’t, it isn’t as lightweight as Lakka but it does work well enougheven though I’m using a USB 2.0 pendrive.

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