Keyboard option for device type controller is missing

I have retroarch 1.9.1 flatpak version installed on MX Linux. I want to setup the keyboard to play games but if i go to ‘settings>input>port 1 controls> device type’ there are only these options: none, retorpad and retropad with analog. There is no ‘keyboard’ option. Why is that?

keyboard is always there and active.

If i want to remap the keys for up, down, right and left which settings i should change? Also, i want to be able to use the spacebar key, and if i press the spacebar it starts rewind fast forward.

If you want to change the mapping for those directions, just go down to them, press start to make it listen for inputs and then press the key you want to use. If the key is already mapped to a hotkey (many of them are, including spacebar), you’ll need to go to settings > input > hotkeys and unmap (hover over the hotkey and press ‘del’ on the keyboard) the conflicting keys.

Do you mean i have to go to ‘settings>input>port 1 controls’ because there are two types for direction keys: D-Pad and A,B,X,Y Button. Which one to use? Also, is it possible to set key controls that work only for specific game? I am trying to set key controls for atari800 roms.