Km cores performance?

Is there any difference in performance of cores the begin with km then those that don’t? Ran across a set of these working on a PSX Classic with RetroArch hack…

Example Riecast vs km riecast xtrme

Probably not. The Classic platforms are handled by other people and they sometimes make minor changes to things (usually just cosmetic), and the ‘km’ likely denotes that it’s one of their builds.

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Thank you very much. I had a feeling that’s all that it was. A few people in the PSX Classic group are trying to say the km cores out perform the regular cores. I didn’t notice any thing different other then the name. I think maybe of the names contain Extrme or or some nonsense like that that they think it’s better.

Well, they need to provide source for those cores if anyone asks for it, so users can easily compare with the official repos if they want.

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