Kronos and Reicast Arcade Games (a few issues)


I’ve been trying the arcade versions of some games, for example, House of the Dead 2 (Naomi), Virtua Fighter Remix and Tecmo World Cup 98 (both ST-V).

HOTD2 works well, but I’d like to know if there’s a way to show the crosshair like Sega Model 2 does for HOTD?

Tecmo World Cup 98 isn’t loading, black screen, on MAME (also via Retroarch), it loads but then it crashes the core, could this be a rom issue? I’m sure I got the latest version of MAME roms, 0.206.

Virtua Fighters Remix for ST-V seems to be working fine, except it doesn’t accept any input, even from the keyboard, other games using Kronos for ST-V are working fine, I only tested a few though.


I’ll take a look at those issues when i have some time, most likely this week-end.

Afaik the crosshair might be a hack in the Sega Model 2 renderer, i don’t think original hardware played with lightguns had that kind of feature (that’s basically cheating :stuck_out_tongue: ), maybe @flyinghead can confirm there is (or isn’t) something like this on naomi.


Nice! Yeah, the crosshair is totally simulated, this is good for those who will play using a gamepad, otherwise the game isn’t playable at all. I actually can control where to shoot using the left stick and press X or A to fire, the only problem really is the lack of crosshair.

Thanks for taking the time to check those and let me know if there’s a specific place where I can post issues like above for Kronos!


Most Naomi light gun games will only show where you shot on the screen, but won’t display a permanent crosshair. For instance, only the console version of Death Crimson OX will display a permanent crosshair and only when you play with a gamepad, but not when using a light gun.


I have a guess about the issue with vfremix and twcup98, i opened an issue about it (


@flyinghead yeah we know the crosshair is never shown on a real lightgun game. Most cores for other systems, though, allow you to enable the option of drawing a lightgun cross on the screen which follows the movement where you’re aiming at.

Beetlepsx, beetlesaturn, bsnes, snes9x, fceumm, genesisplusgx… even mame does it by default for lightgun games.

It would be great if you could add this as an option for reicast. I have a great experience playing these lightgun games on reicast core, I control the lightgun movement with my sixaxis DS4 gyroscope which works great, but I don’t see where I’m aiming at.