Kronos for android?

Hi, I wonder if kronos could be ported for android users (shield tv) ? Beetle saturn is too demanding and yaba sanshiro is promising but doesn t have retroarch features Is there any future plan for this ? Thanks

hopefully, yeah. It’ll take some time, though.

Cool thanks hope it will arrive

While i intend to make it buildable, don’t get your hopes too high, from a realistic point of view :

  • Unlike YabaSanshiro, Kronos is not heavily optimized for arm (well, that’s probably something i can work around by implementing YabaSanshiro dynarec for the arm build, however i’ll need some platform to test this).
  • Libretro cores are generally slightly slower than their standalone counterpart, Kronos is not an exception.
  • Every video of YabaSanshiro on android i can find on youtube is seriously sluggish, and it doesn’t seem those videos were made on cheap devices, is the shield tv any better ? How does YabaSanshiro actually perform on your shield TV ?

Hi , thanks for the clarification. sorry I haven’t yet install. I made wheel by wheel on my hyperspin setup and arrive to the saturn. But I saw videos on youtube for shield tv like these:

Old videos but promising, the guy test all emu on the shield tv with hyperspin. Regards

Another video more recent 60 fps on some games:

On an Nvidia Shield TV, there are some games that don’t work at all but those that do appear to run at full speed with frameskip set to zero. 3D games that don’t run at 60fps run at whatever they are supposed to be locked to (Daytona USA = 20fps solid, for instance).

Hi, i had also the same question and tested some games with YabaSanshiro,

On my Shield box everything runs fine with about 50-60 fps, but i just tested 4 games until now.

An Implentation to Retro Arch would be really cool!

Hi, Is there any chance to have a port of kronos on android ? (SHIELD TV) The neocd core arrive after long month of waiting, It would great with all the updates made for this core thanks

I think an even better suggestion is getting a dynarec ported to the Beetle Saturn core that way we can get the best Saturn emulator currently available in full speed. I’ve been reading a little bit on the topic here. I think a bounty was also started on that but nothing ever went anywhere.

I doubt a dynarec for beetle saturn would improve things a lot on android, the bottleneck of saturn emulation is the rendering, not the SH2(s). If you don’t delegate the rendering to the gpu, you’ll probably still get awful performances on any device below ~3Ghz (in its current state, 3.6Ghz is the bare minimum).

Imho, Nvidia Shield should have its own buildbot with opengl-enabled android builds, it would totally be possible to run kronos on a shield with an opengl-enabled retroarch. Furthermore opengl is so much better than opengles for many hardware-accelerated core.


Hello, I wanted to see if there was any interest in making an Android build of Kronos that supported GLES 3.2. Yaba is bugged on some devices (such as the GPD XD+) and even if it is slow, I think it would be very nice to see a working emulator as a start.

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Feel free to fix the renderer(s) for GLES support, it’s not likely to happen from our side.