Latest known working version of PS3 Retroarch with playlist scanning?

I have tried and found version 1.7.3 and 1.7.1 and 1.6.7 they all suffer from the same bug. when I scan for roms the console crashes.

where can I get older versions of RA? does anyone know of the newest one that works? is there a fix for this? I have tried using a program called playlist buddy, but I am not smart enough to use it.

Any advice?


anybody have any advice on this? the console went from working to not working. so there must be a cache file somewhere I can delete or modify to bring it back to where it used to be. right now I have to load each rom manually to play them and I cant use thumbnails which is the coolest feature of RA.

I am so desperate I am contemplating formatting the HDD to get it back working again.

Have you tried moving/deleting your retroarch.cfg to see if that changes anything? I’m not sure why it would have broken at any point, but it’s certainly possible.

Retroarch seems to install here >>> Dev_HDD0/game/SSNE10000…… within this folder I have “cores” folder and in cores I have…

Autoconfig, Playlists, presets, Savefiles, Savestates, Sram

all of these folders are empty. am I looking for a .cfg file? would it be in one of these folders?

the folder SSNE10000 disappears when uninstalled and re appears when re installed. so I am hoping the retroarch.cfg file disappears with it. I am currently running a fresh version of 1.7.6 (march 2019).

another thing worth mentioning is, when I am in RA if I go to configuration files, then navigate to reset defaults, this also causes RA to freeze.

kind of pulling my hair out over here

build your playlists on a computer with retroarch and edit them with notepad and the “find and replace” and choose the replace all option. compare the paths in your history playlist on the ps3 and the new playlists generated on the pc.

Keep backups. Goodluck.

So it seems that there’s no solution to this problem :dizzy_face: I just unlocked my ps3 and wanted to use RA on it, but this problem makes it almost unusable (also sometimes when loading a rom, it crashes too)

Playlists aren’t necessary to launch games. I don’t use them, personally, except for the history one.

Hi! can’t use netplay without them (at least client side) right?

You can, you just have to load the game manually. That is, when you join, it will ask you to choose the content and you have to find the one that matches the host.