Latest RA - Controllers no longer detected

I updated to 1.8.0 and then 1.8.1 but in both my gamepads aren’t detected. Meanwhile they are detected just fine in my backup with 1.7.8.

I simply replaced the .exes when updating. Any ideas?

If you try a fresh installation, does it treat you any better? If so, you can make a backup of your old config and then just delete all of the lines that start with “input” and see if that fixes it without wiping out your other settings.

Yeah that helped. Maybe it was time for a fresh install. Are there any downsides to just updating the .exes?

Not really. Just sometimes old options can cause problems. I’ve been using the same configs on various devices for years.

Well now I have another problem. Beetle Saturn can’t load games in 1.8.1 but does so perfectly in 1.7.8. All other cores work perfectly, even the ones that require a change in GPU driver.

post a log of it failing to load and I can take a look.

Sorry how can I go about doing that?

settings > user interface > show advanced options ON

settings > logging > log to file ON

Tried what you suggested but no logs are being recorded. It also happens with Sega CD games.

Edit: Nevermind, it was just a BIOS issue.

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