Launch game using command line with Netplay hosting on

How can I launch a game via command line and have it Netplay hosting?

-H, --host Host netplay as user 1. -C, --connect=HOST Connect to netplay server as user 2. –port=PORT Port used to netplay. Default is 55435. –stateless Use “stateless” mode for netplay –nick=NICK Picks a username (for use with netplay). Not mandatory.

So, does this look right?: retroarch -L <core> -H <content>

is core just the core file name without extension? is content the complete path and file name of the game rom including extension and with quotes around it if there are spaces?

that looks right to me. Core is the full path to the core with extension (on Windows, this will usually be something like “…\cores\snes9x_libretro.dll”. Yes, ‘content’ is full path to content with quotes if there are spaces.

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Hi Hunterk and team - you’re doing a great job with a great application and its very much appreciated, ive replied to this topic as i’m new and didnt see how to post a new topic so apologies if ive done something wrong. I love the netplay - works really well. I have 2 young kids 6 and 8 theyre not very technical yet as you’d imagine the RGUI retroarch menu is a bit too much for them , when im at home to show them how to use the menu its fine they can netplay each other over a LAN and i can join in . However with work im away quite a bit so i decided to try and make it easier for both of them to access retroarch / netplay on their windows pcs, by using the command line to start retroarch and netplay (one of them as host using -H etc) - I will write a C++ program with a GUI to achieve this later. So the command lline allows me to start the game with one of the kids hosting thats fine, so to join as client well i can do it easily enough in the menu but if my other kid wants to join the host , hes not technical enough to figure out the WAN ip address to connect to , so my question :- is there a RA command to connect to a specific ROOM NICKNAME instead of a WAN IP address. (or does a client always have to connect to the Hosts WAN IP ?)

Sounds like a cool project :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to attach to a room by nickname via CLI. The only way I know to avoid entering IPs is to go through menus.

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thanks Hunterk two final things - so 2 kids are different WAN location from me.

so in their local lan how do they connect each other using CLI - if they are both on an internal LAN can one of them on CLI connect to the internal IP of the others local LAN ip address i.e. 192.168 …etc or do they still have to use the WAN IP on CLI(even on an internal LAN) ?

And finally if they get hooked up to each other internally - can I still connect from an external WAN location (to both of them on their internal LAN - using their direct WAN IP -address ? So three people connected all together without using netplay rooms - just direct connect - is it possible ? thank you

I’m admittedly not an expert on what is and isn’t possible with netplay, but I think so for both. That is, I’m pretty sure you can do a LAN connection over CLI using the local IP, and believe (but am less sure) you should be able to join them.

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thanks for your help hunterk much appreciated - great product and great forum :+1:

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