Layout bundles on Android phones

Hello all.

I tried the new layout features of 1.8.0 on my phone.

I downloaded a couple of layout bundles from the site specified in the release notes and extracted the zip files.

I then tried to load them using the new menu option but Retroarch keeps crashing when I do so.

Am I missing something?

You don’t need to extract them AFAIK.

It crashes even if I select the zip file (tested with Capcom’s 1943 bundle).

Ok, can you get a log of it crashing?

Sure. Could you please tell me where to find the log?

settings > user interface > show advanced options ON

settings > logging > log to file ON

it will then create a log in your ‘logs’ directory.

Got one. Does the “Info” verbosity level suffice? Do you need a “Debug” log? How can I send it?

Either should be fine, but may as well get a debug log while you’re at it. You can post it somewhere like or and then post a link to it here.


haha, that’s a huge log and only the last line really matters:

Unable to create FBO for video_layout

Okay, thanks for the log, we’ll see what we can do about it!

Thanks to you. Just let me know if i can help in any other way.

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I don’t know if this can be of any help, but I tried the same layout bundle (1943, taken from the site linked in the release notes) with the same rom on a Windows PC and it also behaves incorrectly.

Does not crash but the output is all black, until I pop up the in-game menu and disable the layout.