LCD monitors that are capable of CRT like motion?

I thought since the CRT shader topics are so busy, it may be interesting to keep a thread on which LCD monitors could possibly be capable of CRT like motion. And more specifically qualify for this role when running CRT shaders.

This thread just lists the monitors that qualify by at least having the following attributes “must haves”:

  1. Hardware Black Frame Insertion (BFI) feature
  2. Max brightness > 350 cd/m2
  3. Resolution 1440p or larger
  4. Technology IPS, OLED or VA (TN not qualified)
  5. Less than $1000,-
  6. Release year 2018 or newer

I used the table tool from RTINGS.COM for starters, and these monitors would qualify:

I’m not saying any of these monitors are good or bad, I have zero experience with monitors with hardware BFI, but I’m just listing them as possible candidates for CRT like motion on LCD with enough resolution and brightness to spare for running CRT shaders.

Maybe if people have experiences with any of these monitors they could share, or add monitors that would qualify based on above requirements.

So is this now the ultimate monitor for Retrogaming?

Samsung Odyssey G7:

VA panel 240hz, 1440p, 1 ms response, contrast ratio 2.500, peak brightness 330 - 600 nits , 230 nits with backlight strobing! More importantly no black smearing as VA panels were known for up until now.

Only caveat is that it’s curved. But then again for VA, this compensated for poorer viewing angles versus IPS.

The following seems a very good review on youtube. Has measured peak brightness with MBR mode on, which still is an astonishing 230 nits!

Samsung Odyssey G7 review

CRT like motion is impossible as all modern tech is sample and hold.

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True for most LCD monitors. The only exceptions to that may be the monitors that support “backlight strobing”. This is also explained on

It’s also the reason I put hardware backlight strobing (sometimes called Black Frame Insertion) as a “must have” feature for monitors listed in this thread (see first post).

True for all sample and hold monitors, black frame insertion can improve in motion clarity but it’s still not comparable to a CRT.